Term Dates

Term Dates 2018/2019

Monday 3rd September                   Start of Term 1 at 8.55 am 
Thursday 6th September                 Kent test
Wednesday 26th September           Harvest Festival in Church 9.15am
Monday 8th October                        Parent teacher meetings 3.30pm – 6.30pm
Friday 12th October                          School finishes for children at 3.15pm 
Monday 15th October                       Beginning of development week for staff 
Friday 19th October                          End of term 1 

Monday 29th October                      Start of Term 2 at 8.55am 
Tuesday 6th November                    Open Morning
Friday 9th November                       Remembrance service 10.45am in Church
Thursday 13th December                 Nativity Performance 2pm in Church
Wednesday 19th December             Christingle service 9.30am in Church
Wednesday 19th December             End of Term 2 at 3.15pm

Thursday 3rd January                       Start of Term 3 at 8.55am 
Tuesday 8th January                         Open morning
Monday 4th February                       Beginning of online safety week
Monday 4th February                       Parent teacher meetings 3.30pm – 6.30pm
Friday 15th February                        End of Term 3 at 3.15pm 

Monday 25th February                    Start of Term 4 at 8.55am 
Monday 4th March                           Beginning of World Book week
Tuesday 5th March                           Open morning
Wednesday 6th March                     Ash Wednesday service in Church
Friday 5th April                                 End of Term 4 at 3.15pm 

Tuesday 23rd April                           Start of Term 5 at 8.55am 
Tuesday 30th April                           Open morning
Wednesday 1st May                          Start of KS1 assessment
Monday 13th May                            Start of KS2 SATs week
Friday 24th May                               End of Term 5 at 3.15pm

Monday 3rd June                             Start of Term 6 at 8.55am
Wednesday 5th June                       Pentecost service in Church 9.15am
Tuesday 11th June                           Open morning
Thursday 13th June                         Sports Day
Wednesday 9th July                        A grand day out!
Monday 15th July                            Report sent to parents
Tuesday 16th July                           Summer Production
Wednesday 17th July                     Open Afternoon 3.15pm

Tuesday 23rd July                           Leaver’s service in Church 2pm
Tuesday 23rd July                           End of Term 6 at 3.15pm