Star Class Term 6


Welcome back!

We have had a wonderful beginning to our summer term. As well as lots of indoor learning we
managed to have lots of fun outside! We explored the village – we looked for special places, had a
picnic and went on a bug and bird hunt. On the very last day of term we came to school dressed as
Victorian children to imagine what it would have been like to live during the Victorian era. I think all of us will agree, we are very glad we live in 2018!

As part of our topic this term, we will be meeting some famous people from the Victorian era.

This term we will focus on historical recounts, information texts, diary entries and poetry. We will be
using ‘Magic Grandad’s Book of History,’ to help take us on our journey back to the Victorian era. We
will continue to encourage the children to feel proud and positive about their writing in order to build
stamina to enable them to write longer pieces through shared, whole class and guided writing
techniques. Children will be encouraged to use dictionaries and as always, we will continue to focus on
daily handwriting, phonics, grammar, punctuation and spelling. Please continue to help your child
practice their spellings at home – it really does help.

We are happy with the progress the children are making in their reading. Reading with your child at
home really does make a difference!
Reciprocal reading will continue to happen every day to enable pupils to read regularly with an adult.
Pupils will also be able to read individually with an adult at least once a week. Book bags should be
brought to school every day so that we listen to readers, ensuring we are able to support your child as
much as possible.

This term, we will focus on shape & measure, problem solving and telling the time. Encourage your child
to use any clocks in your home to tell the time. If they have a watch, ask them the time regularly to help
improve their skills. Please continue to support your children by practicing their times tables (2s, 5s and
10s) and their number bonds to 20, 50 and 100.

We will be continuing with ‘Animals including Humans’ as our topic this term. Children will consider
the importance of exercise and nutrition in more depth, including doing surveys of both the food they eat, and the favourite foods of their classmates. They will move on to think about how animals grow up from babies into adults and consider how their needs change.

Our theme this term is called ‘Florence Nightingale’. We learn about Florence and other famous
individuals who have contributed to national and international achievements. We will compare aspects
of our lives now and how it was to live in the Victorian era. We will develop a growing awareness of the
past in order to understand the passing of time and children will learn to use a variety of everyday
historical terms.

Physical Education
PE will take place on a Thursday with Team Theme and on either Tuesday or Wednesday we will play
team games and learn about the importance of playing together. Please ensure your child has a full PE
kit in school.

This term we will continue to learn about the Islamic faith. We will learn about the importance of the
Qur’an to Muslims and give examples of the way Muslims treat the Qu’ran. We will also identify the
ways in which Muslims mark Ramadan and celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr.

The richness and complexity of Victorian life was reflected in its art. We will study pictures and sculpture
produced then to make discoveries about the way the people lived. We will focus on ‘Light and Shade’
and work towards producing our very own Victorian Art Exhibition.

This term in PSHE we will focus on friendships, conflict resolutions