Our School Council

The School Council is an important part of our community and gives a structured opportunity for pupils to make an input into the daily organisation of the school and to help in planning it’s future.

There are 7 children on the school council, a member from each year group is voted in by their peers on an annual basis. In addition to this we have a Chair and Vice Chair from Year 6 who lead weekly meetings and represent the school, with pupils from other local schools, in the Consortium School Council Meetings and District School Council meetings where common issues and matters which may affect their future are discussed. Issues are raised together with future ideas to help move the school forward in its development. The minutes are taken by a Council member and then shared with the Headteacher and on a termly basis with the Governors. In this way pupils are encouraged to begin taking responsibility for their lives at school and to experience a responsibility for their direct community.

So far this year investigated options for the year 5 & 6 residential trip. The school always used to go to Wales but this year it was going to be too expensive so they went to look at Swattenden in Cranbrook, Kent. The Councillors fed back to their class and fellow Councillors on their findings. They asked lots of pertinent questions and were very interested in ensuring there were enough toilets and showers and beds that don’t squeak!

The School Council have looked at the school’s strengths and areas that need improving and will be developing their own improvement plan.


The 2011-2012 School Council have written a report of their year and described what being a School Councilor involves, this years Councilors have been exceptional in the difference that they have made to the school:

“The weekly meetings are held in Mrs Brooks’ office with Mrs Brooks. At the end of every term we have a working lunch where lunch is provided. This is our favourite part!

We have achieved an amazing amount this year:

– Full involvement in the decision making re our new building and organising the time capsule. We spoke at the opening of the new building.

– We have made our playground a safer place. We were given a budget of £800 but spent £1,200 so raised the difference through a Sponsored Wellie Walk. We have new playground markings and met and designed it with ESP designs. We created a new mural to make our playground more interesting. We had a new gate put in and redesigned our adventure area so it now has a quiet area in it. There is now more to do on the playground and it is safer. Click to see our plan

– We monitor playtimes and make sure everyone gets on. If there are problems we help sort them out. Football is always an issue!

– We have raised lots of money for the CoCo’s Foundation. We think of lots of ideas to help them and talk to Chris and Ed about our ideas. We have made a video link with the children in our link orphanage. It made us realise how lucky we are! See the CoCo’s page for more information.

– We sent out a questionnaire to parents and children to make sure we and the school are meeting everyone’s needs. It showed the school is doing really well.

– We have looked at Bullying at our school and lead assemblies on this and diversity. Behaviour at our school is very good.

– We have helped improve the school environment inside.

– We organised and ran our own money Jubilee event which made £300! Half of this went to our charity CoCo’s and half went to the Year 6 children to buy the school something to leave in their memory, they got a friendship bench for the quiet area. We spoke and wrote to local business to get prices for our raffle.

– We reported to the Governors at the May Full Governors meeting – see our report – click

– We met Chris Cooke the Olympic Swimmer at the Dover, Deal and Sandwich Consortium meeting. Our idea was chosen for remembering the Olympics – a time capsule!

We have loved being School Councilors!”