Moon Class Curriculum – Term 6

Moon Class Term 6 Newsletter

Welcome to term 6, our topic for this term is Battle of Britain. During this term we have our class
trip to the Battle of Britain museum in Hawkinge and the memorial site in Caple-le-ferne which will
really immerse us in the topic. As you can imagine, it will be a fun packed term.

This term we are learning about time, focusing on years, months, weeks and days we will be
spending time investigating calendars, we will then be looking at telling the time and solving time
related problems. Next in the term we will be moving on to comparing angles, lines of symmetry and
shape. Then, we will be learning about mass and capacity. Finally, we will be investigating direction
and position.

In English this term we will be writing recounts and making leaflets from the information we have
gathered on our school trip to the Battle of Britain museum. We will then be building up to writing
a biography of a historical figure from the battle of Britain, the children will be ‘interviewing’ the
historical figure and gathering information, this will then prepare the children for writing their
own autobiography. We will then be writing stories with historical settings the children will be
looking at historical images and writing setting descriptions building their vocabulary, we will then
be developing characters for our stories, looking at conversations the characters may have and
finally planning, writing and editing their stories.

Our focus in reading this term is exploring myths and legends, we are looking at a range of myths
and legends through our reciprocal reading, comprehension and reading tasks. We encourage
children to read at home as much as possible, ideally every night for a short period of time. If
free-readers need advice on relevant and interesting books they are encouraged to discuss with a
member of staff in year 3 and 4.

In history this term we will be responding to a series of events that include, the lead up to the
battle of Britain, different phases of the battle and the reasons behind the battle of Britain. We
will be looking at Winston Churchill and his role in the battle, aircrafts that were used and how
Britain had to change and adapt as a result of the war.

This term our art is going to heavily dictated to by our topic, we will be creating blitz paintings
with silhouettes of planes and buildings. We will also be looking at Famous artists of the time e.g
Roy Nockolds (1911-1979) and Paul Nash with a more abstract approach.

In French this term we will be learning greetings and daily phrases, as well as refreshing our
knowledge on numbers and directions.

This term our topic in Science is living things and their habitats. We will be exploring and
classifying groups of living things and identifying and naming a variety of living things in their local
and wider environment. We will also be looking at the changes to the environment and the dangers
these pose to living things.

This term in RE we are revisiting Sikhism where the children will be building on their knowledge
gained in term 2 and learning about how Sikhs worship and celebrate their religion.