Meet the Teaching Assistants

We are extremely lucky to have such wonderful Teaching Assistants, who all provide fantastic support to their Teacher and above all, the children.

Mrs Hall – Star Class ( Currently on maternity leave )


“Mrs Hall is a good friend” Lilly, aged 5

“Mrs Hall knows all about good stuff” Finn, aged 6

“She is very beautiful” Harriet, aged 5

“Mrs Hall has very good manners” Annie, aged 5


Mrs Austin – Moons & Mid-Day supervisor


“Mrs Austin is very funny” Lillia, aged 8

“She is kind because she helps people” Mirabel, aged 6

“She is really helpful in our class and happy” Toby, aged 8

“She is fantastic at helping me” Scarlett, aged 6


Mrs Gambrill – Sun Class


“Mrs Gambrill is a good thinker” Toby, aged 8

“Mrs Gambrill gives me great cuddles” Crystal, aged 6

“She is very good at Art” Maddie, aged 7

“Mrs Gambrill is a beautiful T.A” Rhys, aged 8


Mrs Baker (likes to be called Barbara) -Sun Class


“She always makes me laugh” Danny, aged 8

“Barbara is the best T.A because she looks after us” Jessica, aged 8

“She is very funny and helpful” Spencer, aged 8

“She is very encouraging and positive” Maisy, aged 8


Miss Mitchell – Star Class & Mid-Day supervisor 


“Miss Mitchell is very fun and helps me a lot” Naia, aged 9

“Very friendly” Harry, aged 10

“She is very loveable, amazing, beautiful, helpful and caring” Jasmine, aged 10




Mrs Parsons – Moon Class & Mid-Day supervisor 


“Mrs Parsons is really cool!” Jacob, aged 10

“She is super fun, funny and loves my hair” Naia, aged 9

“Mrs Parsons is really fun and a really good T.A” Poppy, aged 10