Our school works so well because of what goes on outside the classroom.

Meet the people who make this possible!


Pat – Lunch time supervisor and volunteer


” Pat is a lovely lady and we like having her in the school” Emre, aged 9

“Pat is always nice to the little ones by helping them open their lunch” Poppy, aged 10

“Pat is nice because she lets us read to her” Neve, aged 5


Rev. Nigel Hale – Pastoral Care and Volunteer


“Nigel is so helpful and is extraordinarily kind. He is always there to guide you!” Celi, aged 11.

“Nigel is wonderful. He always listens to me” Jack, aged 11.



Mrs Heidi Graves – Receptionist & Breakfast Club Supervisor


“Heidi always makes me laugh” Jess, aged 9

“She is ever so funny!” Lissie, aged 8

“She is very good at Breakfast Club! Isaac, aged 8

Mr Aiden Morgan – Cleaner