The GSF is a small group of parents/carers and friends of the school who organise and run fundraising events.  The members do as much or as little as their other commitments allow.

The funds are used to advance the education of pupils in the school in particular by:

* Developing effective relationships between the staff, parents and others associated with the school

* Engaging in activities or providing facilities or equipment which support the school and enrich the education and well being of the pupils (taken from the GSF constitution).

The 3 main fundraising events each year are the Autumn Family Event, Christmas and Summer Fetes.  The GSF also run cake sales, raffles, parties and refreshments to raise money.

Goodnestone School Fundraising welcomes new members, there is always something to do for any skills you have or amount of time you can spare. If you would like to know more about how to enrich the children’s’ school experience, please come and speak to one of the committee.

Chair: Juliet Bale

Vice Chair: Merrie Ashton

Secretary: Edwina Ashton

Treasurer: Lisa Berry

Contact: Members of the GSF committee via school or hunt us down on the playground!


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