Coco’s Foundation

 The children of Goodnestone have always made a big difference in their support to local, national and world known charities but in December 2011 the children were introduced to a charity that has made a HUGE impact on their life decisions.

We have been involved with an organisation call ‘Phil the Bag’ which collects old clothes, weighs and sells them, and in return the school gets a percentage of the profits back. This organisation also gives a percentage to the CoCo’s Foundation. We were asked if we would like an assembly from the CoCo’ s Team to explain what they do. We jumped at the chance and as a result we have made long life friends with a team of amazing people who have made a significant difference to a small orphanage in the Ubombo Childcare Center in South Africa.

Their assembly opened our children’s and staff’s eyes to how lucky we are and from that day we decided to make them our named Charity. Their ethos and values matched our school perfectly – a small tiny village, with a small orphanage where a small school like ours could make a big difference! Our children now have a very good understanding of life at the Ubombo Childcare Center.

Chris and Ed are now frequent visitors to our school, they update us on their recent visits and the work they have done. They show us where our money is going and they have even given our children to opportunity to make video links with children at the orphanage.

So far we have raised funds for beds – where children were sleeping on the floor, and we are currently raising £2,000 to build a kitchen in the local school. We are just over half way!

Please visit their website – they are very special to us!

Thursday 20th September Chris and Ed returned to give another eye opening assembly. We were shown pictures of their last visit and were told some sad news. The orphanage has closed and the children put into the community. This hasn’t stopped Chris and Ed, they have a mission to find all the children and ensure that they all have a home, are going to school and have food and water. As well as supporting the community they are all living in by building new homes.

We have been asked for our fundraising to go towards building Deb’s kitchen. Chris and Ed launched our sponsored wellie walk appeal which is happening the same day as they return to Africa – Friday 5th October.

The Wellie Walk was a great success!!  

We can’t wait for their second visit this academic year to hear all about their recent visit.