Charging and Remissions Policy



Our school vision is to enable all members of the school community to grow in self esteem, individuality and independence, learning and working within a happy, secure environment founded on Christian values. We aim to provide a safe, challenging and stimulating learning environment, promote enjoyment and fun and encourage a positive attitude to lifelong learning. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that, during the school day, all children have full and free access to a broad and balanced curriculum, which is founded on the principles stated above. The school day is defined as 8.55am-12.10pm and 1.05pm-3.15pm.

The aims of the Charging Policy are to:

– maintain the right to free education

– enable all pupils to take full advantage of the activities provided by the school.


Where a school activity relates to the National Curriculum or to the provision of Religious Education no charge will be made. It is the policy of the Federation’s Governing Body to reserve the right to levy a charge for:

– any additional costs incurred by the school, for instance in providing accommodation, transport, non-teaching staff costs, entrance fees and insurance costs

– any materials, books, instruments or equipment that the parent wishes to own rather than use.

– materials in practical subjects if it is intended to keep the finished product

– the board and lodging element of any residential activity during school hours

– music tuition (except where it is part the Curriculum)

– the costs of replacement or repair as appropriate for the loss or damage to school property, or the property of others whilst it is on school premises

When activities take place outside school hours and are not part of the National Curriculum, a relevant proportion of the costs will be levied against those that have opted to take part.


Governors will remit such charges to those in receipt of appropriate allowances (e.g. income support) or where financial hardship can be it can be demonstrated. The Governing body delegates to the Chair and Executive Headteacher the determination of any individual case arising from implementation of this policy.

Voluntary contributions

It is the policy of the federation to:

– request voluntary contributions from all parents* for school activities in or out of school time, which can only be provided if there is sufficient voluntary funding.

– promote awareness that the federation does not condone subsidising activities for pupils whose parents are not prepared, as opposed to unable to contribute towards the cost of providing additional activities.

– the willingness or ability to make voluntary contributions towards the cost of an activity for which a formal cost cannot be made will not be a consideration in deciding which pupils participate in the activity.

*Reference to “parent(s)” should be considered to include guardians/carers