Moon Class Curriculum – Term 3

Year 3 and 4: Moon Class

Term 3

Welcome to term 3! Our topic for this term is the Tudor’s. We will be linking our English, History, ICT and Art learning to the Tudor topic and at the end of term 3 we will have a Tudor Day! There is a home learning project for this term where children are encouraged to explore an area of the Tudor’s of their choice and present this information back in a creative way. We look forward to sharing these in class.


In mathematics we will be exploring multiplication and division. We will be looking at factor pairs and comparing statements for multiplication and division. Each week children’s home learning will be about practising a times-table they are not sure on and then there will be a quiz in class every Thursday. We will be exploring how to partition numbers and multiply these, building up to a formal written method for multiplication. The second part of this block will involve children extending their learning on division; understanding that multiplication is the inverse of division and beginning to use a formal written method for dividing TU by U.  We are looking forward to moving on to exploring measurement, length, perimeter and area. Children will be very practical in this second part of their maths learning, measuring the playground, classroom and other objects. They will then apply their understanding of area and perimeter to solve word problems involving measurement. Home learning for this part will involve them measuring their bedroom and other areas-so get those tape measures at the ready! Finally, we will move on to exploring fractions. We will start with practical methods and understand fractions as division and then move on to exploring equivalent fractions and solving word problems.


We have a very exciting topic in English for the first two weeks. Our topic is ‘Stranded.’ Children will be involved in drama activities to begin with to imagine what it is like to be stranded on an island and then consider how they will survive by building camp-fires etc. Their writing will involve diary entries, recounts and writing letters home to develop their understanding of writing in the first person and using emotive and exciting vocabulary to help the reader empathise with their situation. We will be exploring the features of these types of writing and we encourage children to write letters at home to friends and family to consolidate their understanding.  In the second part of the term, we will be linking our writing to the Tudor’s. We will be reading and researching information and creating our own reports all about the Tudors. We will focus on using paragraphs and clear headings and sub-headings to organise our writing.   Additionally, we are excited to become news-reporters and create news-paper articles all about the events during the Tudor period. Finally, ready for Tudor day we will be exploring our topic on play-scripts and we are hoping that children will be ready to perform on their Tudor day some of the mini-plays they create together.


Every Thursday children will be carrying out reading comprehension practise to help develop their skills at reading to retrieve and ensure they are understanding what they are reading. We encourage children to read at home as much as possible, ideally every night for a short period of time. If free-readers need advice on relevant and interesting books they are encouraged to discuss with a member of staff in year 3 and 4.


This term our topic in Science is sound, in particular we will be looking at identifying how sounds are made and how we hear them. We will be exploring, testing and developing our ideas through practical experiments.


In history, we will be exploring all about the Tudors. We will start with the Battle of Bosworth and the formation of the Tudor Rose and then move swiftly on to Henry V111’s wives and reign. After that, we will explore Tudor life looking at; food, music, clothing, art, punishment and crime.  We will also look at the gruesome reign of Mary 1 and how fantastic Elizabeth 1 was as queen and the positive changes in England during this time.


We will be creating our own PowerPoint presentations all about the Tudor period. We will look at the features of Microsoft PowerPoint and how to copy and paste images from websites to make our presentation more informative. We will explore the design features of Microsoft power-point and use search engines to find information about the Tudor Period. After creating our PowerPoint presentations we will have the opportunity to present these to the class which will help develop our speaking and listening skills.


We will start by exploring colour and how the Tudor’s created portraits by looking at these images carefully. We will then be creating our own Tudor portraits, drawing and painting ourselves as Tudor Kings and Queens.  Furthermore, we will be creating 3D models of the Kings and Queens during this period, so look out for these around the school!


We will be exploring numbers 1-20 and playing lots of number games to help ensure we know these clearly. After that we will be covering animals in French, Sport and Food.


This term in RE we are looking at the creation story and what Christians learn from the story. We will be thinking about our wonderful world around us, and the responsibility we have for maintaining the beautiful world God has created.


Friendship is one of our important school values, so in PSHE we will be looking at our own friendships and how we can be the best friend we can. We will be reflecting on getting on and falling out and as we are maturing how to deal with these emotions in the most positive way.